The Notes page is a private area for your team to store important project information, away from the view of the client(s.) This page can’t be seen by external users.

It’s important and useful to keep information about projects in one place. Using the Notes section properly can really help you and your team ensure projects run smoothly, with all top-level information in one place – away from the view of the client.

It’s really easy to edit the Notes on a project. Just click Edit Project Notes from the bottom of the page and use the straightforward, rich text editor to write and format your notes.

One useful feature that you can add into your Notes section is to incorporate a checklist. 

Just select the checklist icon from the formatting menu, and add your checklist in the same way you would create a bulleted or numbered list. 

Other users can quickly tick these items off the checklist within the ‘Edit Notes’ tool.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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