Kanban view

Kanban is a great way to see which tasks are at which stage of your workflow.

To access Kanban view, select “Kanban” from the secondary menu either when you’re on the main “Tasks” view or when you’re in a project.

Each task status you have set up will display as a column in Kanban view. By default, this will include “Open” and “Complete” and you can create your own statuses to add to this in Account Settings.

Each task status displays in the colour you’ve specified while creating that task status. 

It’s important to note that tasks will only show on the main “Tasks Kanban” view if they are allocated to one of the statuses you’ve set up at an “account” level – i.e. the ones that apply by default to every project. You can create custom task statuses on a project by project basis but they will only show on the project “Tasks Kanban” view and not the main “Tasks Kanban” view. This is designed to keep your overall view clean and tidy!

Tasks are displayed as cards, showing the task name, the project name and a due date – if there is one associated with the task. You’ll also see a picture of the person the task is allocated to at the top left hand corner.

Clicking the task name will open the “Update Task” popover…

While clicking the project name will take you to the project in question.

Each task card can be dragged and dropped to different statuses, helping you move projects effortlessly between workflow stages.

Another important point to note is that the main task view doesn’t show completed tasks – even though it shows the complete column. 

This is because many businesses will complete hundreds of tasks, and – if they all showed under ‘Complete’ – it would simply become overwhelming. Of course, you can still drag and drop tasks into Complete to mark them as complete – they just won’t display next time you visit this screen.

To view completed tasks – go to the project you’re interested in, hit “Tasks” and then select “Kanban” from the top menu. You’ll be able to use the slider button to “Show Completed Tasks,” on a per-project basis.

Finally, you can create new tasks from the top of any column by clicking the link “Create New Task Here”. This will open up the “Create Task” modal with this status already populated.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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