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How to create a new column on the kanban view

Project.co has 2 kanban views. 

One for projects:

And another for tasks:

But how do you create a new column in these views?

Go to “Account Settings” and then either “Project Status” to add a column in the projects kanban or “Task Status” to add a new column in the tasks kanban.

These statuses are your account default statuses. They are the global statuses used across all projects and tasks.

However, you can create a set of custom task statuses (and in turn columns on the tasks kanban view) for single projects one by one. To do this go to the “Project Settings” page whenever you’re on a project.

From this page you can define a series of custom task statuses that will override the default task statuses on single projects.

Using custom task statuses for single projects is great when you have a different type of project that you want to manage but it doesn’t quite confirm to the usual task statuses.

Note: bear in mind that when you create custom task statuses on a single project you won’t see any tasks that have been assigned to those custom statuses on the main tasks view. The reason for this is that the main tasks view only shows tasks assigned to the task statuses that have been defined in the account settings page.

Updated on May 14, 2020

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