Files basics allows you to quickly and easily upload and share files with your colleagues, teams and clients.

Files are uploaded along with other activity rather than as a standalone action. For example, they can be attached to a comment in the discussion page, or in a task.

This means that files are accessible along with those comments or tasks in a project – and they’re also grouped together so you can see ‘all files’ on the main files page. To access this, just select the ‘Files’ tab from the main menu. 

Files will only be visible to those people who have access to the place a particular file has been uploaded to. For example, if a file is uploaded to a task clients won’t see it.

All files are listed in order of the date they were uploaded. You can see the file type, the project a file is associated with, the file name and file size.

All common file types are accepted – and uploads can be up to 200mb per file

When you click on a file, it downloads the file right to your computer so you can view it and use it as necessary.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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