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The embeds page can be found on every project by clicking the “Embeds” link in the contextual sidebar.

An embed is a way to show another software tool that you use right within a project in Project.co. This means you could embed a document, a spreadsheet, a database, a video and many more tools right within your projects. This means you can use other software in conjunction with Project.co to manage your projects – without leaving Project.co.

To create a new embed click on the “Embed Item” link at the top left of the main section. This will open a pop up. Next you need to decide what software you would like to embed. This could be Airtable, Figma, Frame.io, A Google Doc and more. In this example we’re going to embed a Google Sheet.

Next you need to name your embed. This should be something descriptive to the item you’re embedding. 

Then paste the required code. Each embed type has it’s own instructions that can be found by following the link under the embed type select. Once you’re done hit “OK” to save.

Your embed will then show in the list. You’ll see a graphic to represent it’s type, the embed name, the date it was added and an options button. 

Selecting “Open” from the list will open the embed right within the project. This is extremely useful as it means we can now view and edit this spreadsheet from within the Project.co project. No more lost spreadsheets  – as they can now all be connected to your projects, easily accessible to everyone who’s a part of that project

If you select “Open in new tab” the embed will open in a full new tab within your browser. This is useful if you want more space to view and edit items.

And if you select “Delete” then the embed will be removed from the list.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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