Edit an existing task

Existing tasks can be edited at any time. 

Simply find and click the task name – either from one of the main task views…

Or from one of the task views within a project…

This will open the “Update Task” popover. From here, you’ll be able to edit any detail of the task: dates, users, task groups, statuses, task types, descriptions, or associated projects.

These settings can all be accessed by clicking the relevant icon as shown below. By default, each option is hidden as we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for you to create new tasks. 

If you hit the plus icon on the far right you’ll see all options show at once.

If you’re viewing the task list on a project, all fields within the list – Task name, status, description, type and person – are clickable ‘links.’ When you click the particular field you want to edit, the ‘Update Task’ popover will appear with that field already expanded for editing.

Updated on May 11, 2020

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