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Create & take payments

The payments page can be found on every project by clicking the “Payments” link in the contextual sidebar.

In this video I’m going to assume you have configured your payment provider and tax settings within your account settings. If you haven’t done that then you’ll need to head to your account settings and set everything up before you can set up and take a payment.

The payments system in Project.co is simple by nature. It’s not a fully featured proposal and invoicing system. It’s a simple way to request payments from your clients as projects progress. The aim of this is to make it quick for clients to pay at the right stage of a project and to reduce the need for a project to stall because of an unpaid payment.

To create a new payment request click “Add Payment” at the top left of the main section. This will open a pop up. First give your payment a description so you and the client know what it’s for. Then choose a currency, an amount and a tax rate.

If you’d like to notify internal or external people that the payment has been created then check the “Notify people” box. This will let you choose people to notify about the payment. This is a great way to let a client know that you have added a new payment request and it will prompt them to log in and follow the payment process through.

Now you’ll see the payment request in your payments list. You’ll see all the data you just entered, the name, amount minus tax, the tax portion of the payment and the total. 

As an internal user you have 2 options at this stage. You can manually mark the payment as paid. This will generate an invoice as if the payment had been made online. This can be great if your client pays you offline but you want to record the payment on the project. 

And you can delete the payment if you make a mistake, if the amount changes or is cancelled.

From the clients side they will see a simple “Make Payment” button. When they click this they will see a pop up that requests their card details. This connects directly to your payment provider. When the client finishes the process an invoice will be generated and the funds will be transferred to your payment provider. We as Project.co don’t touch or have any connection with the transfer at all.

The invoice has your information and the clients information. If you have a paid Project.co account it will also include your logo.

Going back to your view, you will also now see a “View Invoice” button instead of the buttons you saw earlier.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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