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Create, manage & use templates

The templates section can be accessed from the left hand sidebar. The first page you see is “My Templates”. These are the templates you’ve created and saved for future use. When you save a template into “My Templates” it can be used by all all internal users of your account.

There is also a template gallery which is a collection of templates we’ve created to help you get started with projects in different areas. You can filter this view using the category links in the sidebar. This will show you all the templates in each category.

When you see a template that interests you, click on the “Template Options” button. You’ll see an option called “Template info”. This opens a pop up with more information about that template. 

If you want to use the template as it is you can click “Use template”. This will create a new project from that template. 

Or if you want to edit the template before you use it you can click on “Copy to my templates”. This will copy the template to your “My templates” section so you can edit the template and then use it. Lets do that now.

On the website development template I’ll click “Copy to my templates”. This will copy all the details from that template into your “My Templates” section. You’ll see you now have the ability to edit the template using the “Edit Template” option in the “Template Options” button.

When you click this the template will open. A template is very similar to a project. It just doesn’t have some of the pages like dashboard, discussion and payments.

Within a template you can add, edit and remove data from all the pages. Click on “Edit template details” to change the project details.

Add, edit and remove tasks like you would on a project. You can add data to all parts of the task such as the date, assign a person and add a note and more. Dates within template tasks are slightly different than dates within normal projects as you can set a variable date based on how many days after the project starts that the task should be set.

You can add people so the right people from your team are part of the project whenever you use the template.

You can write notes, include embeds and also add allocated time.

When you want to use a template come back to the main templates page and choose “Use Template” from the “Template Options” button. This will take you to the “Create a project” page. But instead of creating a normal blank project it will copy all the details over from the template. You’ll see the project name and details are pulled over. You can edit these details before you click to create your project. If you have dated tasks you can also specify a start date for your project so the templated tasks align with the dates you want them to be on.

When you’re done click to create your project. You’ll see that all the information from the template is pre-populated including details, tasks, people, notes, embeds and allocated time.

To create a blank new template go to the templates page and click the “Create New Template” button at the top left of the page.

Or if you’re on any other page of your account you can click the master “Create New” button at the  top right of the page. And then click on “Template”.

You’ll have all the same options as when you’re editing a template. Add data to each page of the template and when you’re done navigate back to your “My Templates” page to use it.

Updated on June 1, 2020

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