Calendar view

The Calendar view is a visual way to see upcoming tasks for the current day, week or month. 

It defaults to a month view – showing all YOUR tasks for the current month. As usual, you can change this to ALL TASKS by clicking that option in the secondary menu.

Tasks display in a colour-coded way with each user having their own colour. This helps you gauge what people are working on.

You can change to see tasks for the current week, or day, by using the options in the top right of the calendar panel. To keep this view neat and tidy, only a certain number of tasks will display. But if you want to get the full picture, just click the ‘+ more’ option at the bottom and the full list of tasks will show.

Use the arrow buttons in the top left of the calendar panel to move forward back and forth between months, weeks and days…

Or you can use the drop down menu by clicking the date as shown below.

If you’ve been checking out past or future tasks and quickly want to jump back to your current task list, just hit the ‘Today’ button. 

All tasks in are full-day tasks – they don’t have a time-stamp. 

Tasks will display in your calendar with the task name shown. 

If a task is clicked, you’ll see a simple popup which displays some basic information about the task, and contains two buttons: “Edit Task” which lets you quickly edit any details, and “View Project” which takes you right to that project. 

Updated on May 11, 2020

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