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About is a project management tool for creative teams. You can use it to chat, share files, manage tasks, make notes, take payments, invite your clients – and do your best work!

About Figma

Figma is a cloud-based design platform that gives designers the power to collaborate and work together on design projects in real-time. This massively benefits collaboration, consistency and efficiency.
By using Figma with, your design team can work together in the same online document – with real-time updates and collaborative tools – in the same place you manage project conversation, tasks, payments, notes and other files.

Why use Figma with

Prevent design drift and re-work

It happens all the time: a project is briefed and agreed upon, so your design team members head off and get to work. Unfortunately, each of them deviates slightly – leading to inconsistency, confusion, friction and, ultimately, re-work.

Figma eliminates this: all team members work in one central document, and design leads can check in to see what’s happening in real-time. If the project is deviating from the brief, design leads can step in right away, intervene, correct course – and save countless hours that would otherwise have been wasted.

Total alignment with your team lets you discuss overall project progress and manage communication in one place. Tasks can be set – and assigned to your team members – to inform their daily workload. But that could all be undermined if your team is then playing ‘PNG-pong’ with offline documents and projects.

By embedding Figma into your account, you give them the power to be totally aligned in every way, without leaving that browser window.

Everything in one place

Using Figma’s integration with is a no-brainer: it gives you all the benefits of Figma, in the same place as you also manage team conversations, share important notes, set and allocate tasks, and take payments.

Keeping everything in the same place – in one browser window – is the best way to keep your team organised, streamlined and happy!

How to use Figma with

1. Select ‘Embeds’ from your project sidebar

Head to your project in and click the ‘Embeds’ option from the navigation menu.

2. Embed Item > Figma

Click the ‘Embed Item’ button and select Figma from the drop down menu.

3. Copy the URL of your Figma doc

In your Figma account, open the piece of work you want to review, click on the “Share” button and then “Copy Link”.

4. Paste URL into menu

Give the document a name, and paste the URL into the field as shown. When you’re done, hit ‘OK.’ Your figma doc is now embedded into your project!

5. Open the file in

Now you have your Figma document embedded in your project, anyone involved in that project can open it, by clicking the icon next to the file and selecting ‘Open.’

6. Get to work!

Use Figma’s rich feature set to collaborate on the design project – designing, collaborating, feeding back – and supplementing it all with the powerful project management features of

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