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Setting up a custom domain

To add a custom domain to your account firstly make sure you’re on a plan that allows custom branding.

Go to your “Account Settings” page and click on “Domain”. This is the custom domain setup page.

Enter the domain you’d like to use in the “Custom Domain” section. You need to add this with the subdomain but without http:// or https:// – See an example of how this looks below:

DNS Setup

Once you have entered the details of the custom domain you want to use in your account settings you need to set up your DNS. This will be done at your DNS provider which is typically the company you bought your domain name from.

Add a CNAME record to your DNS, pointing to your custom domain for example projects.yoursite.com to project.co

It’s important to create a CNAME pointing to project.co exactly and not account.project.co


This will work automatically. We use an SSL provider called Let’s Encrypt who support automated setup of SSL certificates. As such, once your custom domain is setup it will be accessible by default at https://

Important Note:

This process may take up to 10 minutes to complete from where you add your CNAME. If you add your CNAME 48 hours or more after you enter your custom domain then it could take up to an hour to complete. In any case we’ll send you an email to confirm when your custom domain is setup and your workspace is accessible from your custom domain.

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