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How to change your default Domain/URL

When you sign up for Project.co you choose an account name and a URL.

The URL has the format: https://<<Name>>.project.co – This is the address you’ll use to access your account.

To change the URL of your account you need to go to “Account Settings” and then “Domain”.

On this page you’ll see “System Domain” and your current domain noted in a blue box. If you’re happy with this URL you can leave it as it is.

To change the URL simply replace the contents of the input with your desired new URL. This will always have .project.co at the end. When you click “Save” the page will refresh and you’ll be automatically redirected to the new URL you have created.

Your new URL will then show in the blue box and you can share it with your colleagues and clients. This is where your account can now be accessed.

Custom domains

If you’re on a paid plan you’ll have the option to define your own custom domain. This works in a similar way to the system domain. The difference here is that you don’t need to have .project.co at the end of the domain. This custom domain can be a domain name that you own. This means that the URL you access your account with can be branded on a URL that you own.

For details on how to change your custom domain please see this article.

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