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User settings

The User settings screen lets you edit settings on an individual user basis. The changes you make here will apply to the user in question.

To access and update a users settings go to the “People” page and then click on the cog icon next to any user.

You’ll then be presented with the users settings page.

From top to bottom, the options here are as follows:


This lets you update and edit the users role. This will change the persons permissions and what they can see within Project.co. See more about the user types, roles and permissions here.


Internal users can be part of one or more groups. Groups are typically teams or departments within your business, and using them unlocks a bunch of great benefit. You can filter projects and tasks, for example, that belong to each particular team/department within your business.

Add to projects by default

This setting is designed to save you the hassle of manually adding certain users to projects every single time. If you have a group of users who are involved in all, or most, of your projects, selecting “yes” here means that they’ll be automatically added to the “Internal People” list for every project created within your account. 

Background/font colours

These settings determine each users colour scheme in the Scheduler and Calendar views. 


This can either be active or inactive. Deactivating users is a good way to limit the number of users within your account. You can deactivate users to remove them from your account – without deleting their data, files, etc. as would happen if you deleted the user. You can then reactivate them if required at a later date.

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