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Create a new person

All people (internal and external) are created in the same way on Project.co. To get started, hit the “Create New” button at the top right of any page and choose “Person”.

The User: Create form is quick and easy to complete. All you need to add is the users email address and choose the person type. The person type defines the type of person you’re inviting and what permissions they’ll have when they login.

For more information about user types and roles please see here. Otherwise we’ll explain your options on this page below.

External – Client

If you choose the “Internal – Contractor” option from the user type input you’ll also be shown a “Company” input. This is s you can choose the company the client user should be part of.

If you haven’t created a company for this person yet then you can click the “Quick Create Company” link to add a company using the quick create company modal.

Internal – Contractor

If you choose the “Internal – Contractor” option from the user type input you won’t be shown any other options. This is because the “Internal – Contractor” role can has internal user permissions but only for the projects they have been allocated to so no other settings are necessary.

Internal – Team

If you choose the “Internal – Team” option from the user type input you’ll also be shown the user role input below.

This lets you decide the role for the internal user. To read more information about roles see here.

After you have invited a new person

When you finish adding a new person you’ll be redirected back to the user list unless you choose the “Internal” user type. In this case you have a few more settings to decide upon…


This lets you decide which group the person is part of. A group is typically a department within your company. If you haven’t defined your groups yet you can do this in Account Settings > Groups.

Add to projects by default

This determines whether this person is added to all new projects by default. This is great for people who need to be part of all or most projects as it saves them being added manually.

Task colours

This determines the background and text colour for the persons tasks in the calendar and scheduler task views.


All internal users have a status. This is “Active” or “Inactive”. If the user is marked as “Active” then they will be able to access their account and will also count as 1 internal user from a billing perspective. If the user is marked as “Inactive” then they won’t be able to access their account and they won’t count towards your internal user billing quota. In both cases all their data remains intact so this is a great way to turn users on and off temporarily.

When a new user logs in

When a new user logs in they will be prompted to update their profile details including first name, last name and email address.

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