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Create a new person

Internal and External people are both created in the same way on Project.co.

To get started, hit the “People” tab on the main navigation menu then, from the resulting screen, click “Create New User.”

The User: Create form is quick and easy to complete. All you actually need to add is first name, last name and email address. The rest is optional…


Timezone is an optional setting which allows you to specify if a user is based in a different time zone to the “account” time zone.

If you don’t select anything here, the user’s time zone will default to the one you’ve specified for the account. (Account owners can edit the account time zone through the ‘Account Settings’ option, accessed by hovering over the profile picture displayed in the top right of any screen in Project.co.)

Profile picture

Uploading a profile picture is also an optional step. 

When you’re done, hit “Save.” You’ll then be asked to nominate what type of user you want to create.

You can select Team Member, Contractor or Client. Whatever you decide here will determine the followup options, as shown in the flowchart below…

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