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Create a company

To create a company, hit the “Create New” button at the top right of any page and select “Company”.

You’ll then see the create a new company page. You only need to enter the company name on this page, all other fields are optional.

Company Name

The only required information on the create company form is company name – which makes it super quick and easy to create a company account and get up and running. You can always come back and add information in later, as required.

Website address

Next up is website address – an optional inclusion, but a useful one if the company does have a website. This is because if you include a website address for the company Project.co will try to pull through their logo and show it next to any projects you create for them. As well as being a time-saver, this feature also means that the logo automatically stays up-to-date. If one of your clients goes through a rebrand, for example, we’ll automatically pull and display the new logo.

Upload custom logo

You also have the option to manually upload a logo, in the usual way. Just click “Browse”, then find the file on your computer.

Invoice & billing information

Invoice information and billing address are also optional additions. This data will be displayed on the invoices you generate through Project.co for this customer if you choose to include them. 

When you’re done on this page, do make sure to hit ‘Save’ to ensure your changes take effect.

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