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Company basics

In Project.co, a “company” is a group of external users.

Whenever you create a new project on Project.co, it starts its life as an internal project, with only your internal team having access. 

Many projects will remain internal. But equally, you may need to add external users from the companies you work with. This is where companies come in. 

You can add an unlimited number of companies to your account – keeping projects and work separate and organised. 

There are numerous benefits associated with this way of working:

  • You can filter projects by company – getting a clear overview of the work you’re doing for different companies at any given time. 
  • It reduces the administrative load on you and your team. Once external users are part of a company, they can invite their colleagues to join that company, too. 
  • This gives external users power to manage and own their part of the system, creating a better customer experience for them.

We generally recommend that you create a company as your first step, before creating the external users that will be part of that company. This gives you a place to assign all the new users you create.

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