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Task types

In Project.co, you can create different types of tasks. 

The reason for creating different task types is so you can filter your tasks based on type. Each type also enables you to select whether tasks within that task type are visible to external users (clients). This makes it quick and easy to group tasks and also determine their external visibility.

Each task type has a name, privacy setting (visible or hidden from external users) and you can also add an icon for each task type to make it quick to understand what task type a task has when it’s in a list.

To get started, select “Task Types” from the Account Settings menu.

To create a new task type, click the “Add a New Task Type” button. Name your Task Type, select whether it’s visible or hidden from external users, and then select an icon from the menu. Hit “OK” and your new Task Type will be added.

Task types can be rearranged by simply dragging and dropping – just click and drag a task type to its new position in the list.

You can also edit a Task Type by hitting the pencil icon, or delete it with the X icon.

If you do decide to delete a task type, you need to reassign that task to a different type, so that every task is assigned to a particular type.

Once you’ve defined all your Task Types, you can use this to filter tasks on the main tasks view. So, for example, you can see all types of tasks that are deliverables, scheduled, internal, external, etc.

This gives you a much more rounded view of what work is happening within your team – without individually having to research what every single task entails.

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