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Task status

Task Status lets you define the stages that your tasks might go through. It’s a great way to get an overview of what’s happening with each task. 

By default, Open and Complete are the Task Statuses available. But what happens in between is up to you. In the example below, we’ve added “In Progress” to show that a person has picked up the task and is working on it, and “Struggling” which highlights that there may be an issue with delivering the task on time.

These are just two examples of ways to use Task status to better inform your overall view of work output within your teams.

Click “Add a New Task Status” to create a new one. All you need to enter is a Task Status Name, Background Colour and Text Colour. The colour options determine how the task status displays within the system. 

When you use Kanban view, the columns are dictated by task statuses. And the order in which they show left to right corresponds with the order you have them set in your account settings.

It’s important to note, though, that “Complete” Tasks won’t display by default. This is because, as these rack up, it can quickly become an incredibly long list! You can only show complete tasks when you’re viewing tasks from within a project. This means the complete tasks will be limited to complete tasks on that specific project.

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