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Payments can be turned on or off from within your Account Settings.

First, select “Payments” from the Account Settings menu.

Then, from the top section – “Will you take payments in this account?” select either “Yes” or “No.”

Selecting “No” here and turning payments off, will hide everything to do with payments. All the references to payment and invoices – things like the “Invoiced” column on the project list page, and the payments sidebar on each project – will disappear from your account. 

If you select “Yes” and wish to take payments, you’re able to integrate different payment providers. Stripe and SagePay are both supported. Just click “Edit Integration Details” to integrate your chosen payment provider, and enter the details into the resulting menus.

You decide the currencies you would like to accept on each payment provider. The settings you make here will determine the available options you have when you set up a new payment request. For example, if you select USD and GBP as available currencies in your account settings then only these 2 options will be available when you create a new payment request on a project.

You can make either of your payment providers active or inactive at any time by changing the option in the “Status” drop down. You can also have both active at once if you like. In this instance the client will be given the option which provider to pay using when they pay. Or if you use different providers for different currencies then the relevant payment provider will show when your client pays based on the currency of the payment request.

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