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Project.co is built to help you work with clients and teammates all over the world – and a key part of that is localisation.

Week start day and week days

These settings allow you to tailor the working week to your particular needs. Simply put, they let you nominate which days make up your working week – and which is the “first” day of that week.

By default, this is set to a work week of Monday to Friday. This is reflected in Calendar view, as you can see below, where Saturday and Sunday are greyed out, and the calendar begins on Monday, which has been nominated as the Week start day.

However, you can change this on the Localisation screen. So, say for example we wanted to change to a working week that begins on a Sunday and lasts through to Thursday, giving us a weekend of Friday and Saturday…

…we’d just need to change the Week Start Day to Sunday, then edit our Work Days to be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Once this is saved, you can see that the Calendar view has changed. Sunday is now displayed on the left, at the start of the week, with Friday and Saturday “greyed out” as non-working days. Tasks that are set to “weekend” days will still be displayed, though.

Date format

The date format allows you to swap between DD/MM/YYYY and MM/DD/YYYY. This is changed using a simple dropdown menu. Whatever you decide here becomes the “default” setting across the account, but can be overridden by individual users according to their own preferences.


The timezone option allows you to edit your timezone on an account level. Each user within your account will have the option to set their own timezone, but – if they don’t change this – it will default to the setting that you choose here.

Use the dropdown menu to choose the right timezone for your location – and double check that the date and time are correct with the highlighted box below.

Default task time

You can also set the Default Time a task is due. This is a useful setting where there may be extreme timezone differences, and tasks could actually – in some instances – show as being due on different days. 

Show Time on Tasks

Finally, you can decide whether you want to Show Time on Tasks. This is a simple yes or no setting.

Treating timezones in this way means that there’s no need to manually configure and work out time settings based on where your team are in the world. Project due dates, message times, etc. will automatically be configured to display in the user’s local timezone.

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