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Your account can be accessed from your default domain at any time, even once you’ve set up a custom domain as well. This means that if you have setup issues with your custom domain you’ll always be able to access your account from your default domain.

Default domain

When you create a Project.co account, part of the setup process is to create a default domain for your account.

However you can change this at any time within the “Domain” section of Account Settings. Just click into the box, change the URL to whatever you like, and then hit “Save” at the bottom of the page.

Changes are applied immediately after hitting save and you should notice that the URL of your page will change right away.

Custom domain

On a “Pro” plan, you get a custom domain. This is where you can set Project.co up on your own website domain.

To do this you need to create a CNAME pointing to project.co in your DNS settings. 

To add a custom domain to your workspace, firstly make sure you’re on a plan that allows custom branding.

Enter the domain you’d like to use. You need to add this with the subdomain but without http:// or https:// – as shown below.

Then you’ll need to go to your domain or DNS provider to setup your DNS.

Add a CNAME record to your DNS, pointing your custom domain (for example, projects.yoursite.com) to project.co.

It’s important to create a CNAME pointing to project.co exactly and not youraccount.project.co.

SSL/HTTPS setup will work automatically. We use an SSL provider called Let’s Encrypt who support automated setup of SSL certificates. As such, once your custom domain is setup it will be accessible by default at https://

Important Note: This process may take up to 10 minutes to complete from where you add your CNAME. If you add your CNAME 48 hours or more after you enter your custom domain then it could take up to an hour to complete. In any case we’ll send you an email to confirm when your custom domain is setup and your workspace is accessible from your custom domain.

At any time you can access your account through both the default project.co domain AND your custom domain. So if something changes in DNS settings, for example, you can always access your account from both domains, which is handy!

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