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Custom Branding

One of the great perks of our paid plans is the ability to edit the look and feel of the system – making it consistent with your branding.

Incorporating your own logo, colours and branding into the system creates a great experience for your customers, who feel like the tool is an extension of your brand and website.

To edit your branding, select “Branding” from the Account Settings menu.

The Branding options on the resulting screen include email highlight colour, email link colour, email logo, application logo, login page image, internal project image, internal project image and application favicon.

Let’s take a look at each of these, and how they look in situ…

The colour options – Email Highlight Colour and Email Link Colour – refer to colours found within email alerts sent out from the system, as labeled below.

The email logo setting lets you upload a logo to appear in the emails that are sent out from the system – again, enhancing the sense of brand consistency throughout your communication.

The application logo shows to the left hand side of the search box within the system itself.

The Login page image shows above the username and password fields at the login screen.

The Internal project image is the logo that shows next to internal projects on the task list/kanban views…

And favicon lets you set the icon that appears on your browser tab.

Using all these options to full effect can create a memorable, consistent experience that genuinely reflects your brand!

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