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To access Account Settings, hover over your profile image at the top right of any screen – and select “Account Settings.”

The Account Settings submenu is broken down into different sections. Each section has it’s own settings.

First up is “Account.” This lets you specify a number of basic, but important settings. These include:

Account Name

The name of your account – this is most likely your business name. This setting also determines the ‘From’ field on notification emails sent out via the system.

Notification Emails

This allows you to edit the email address to which new payment and new project creation notifications are sent to.

Company Logo Display

With this setting, you can change whether company logos appear on the left hand side of the Project List or not. If they’re enabled your project list will look something like this…

If not, it’ll look like this…


If you set this to ‘Yes,’ every time a user creates a new project in your account, they’ll be shown a “New project checklist” – as shown below. This is optional, but we find it helps get the project up and running quickly in a guided way.

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