Customer tracker

Keep an eye on where your customers are up to – identify opportunities, support existing customers and plan effectively!

This template is all about keeping tabs on your existing customers. It’s great for managers to get an overall view of where particular customers are up to – how many are currently active?

Each customer is set up as a task in the ‘Tasks’ section. You can use the ‘Notes’ and ‘Files’ areas of each task to keep any important information easily accessible – and the ‘Chat’ area allows you to chat over issues and ask questions about particular customers with other people on the team. 

The way to manage the flow and status of your customers is based on the custom task statuses we’ve created on this template. A customer will move from “Open” as a new customer to “Open Opportunity” when there is a proposal out with the company, then “Project In Progress” when a project is actively being worked on. When a project has finished and nothing is currently being worked on for that customer, the status can be changed again to “Project Completed”.

Work with a client on an ongoing, retainer basis? Use the “Retainer” task status for clients that are on a monthly retainer.

List view example

Customer Tracker Template

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What’s included

Project description
Tasks x 30
Custom task statuses x 2