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About is a project management tool for creative teams. You can use it to chat, share files, manage tasks, make notes, take payments, invite your clients – and do your best work!

About Airtable

Airtable is a cloud collaboration service that’s part spreadsheet, part database, so you can organise anything – projects, customers, and even ideas!

By using Airtable with, you can pair the power of a highly customisable database with with the task management, scheduling & communication capabilities of a project management tool.

Why use Airtable with

Collaborate on data with clients

By embedding your Airtable bases into, you can invite your clients to comment, collaborate, and edit – in real-time.

Everyone you invite to your project will be able to see the Airtable base on the embeds page. This means that they can add, edit, remove and collaborate on the data in your base.

Then they can hop over to the discussion page and chat with everyone else who’s part of the project, see tasks, download other files, make payments and more.

Chat about your data

As simple as it may seem, one of the most-used features of is the Discussions tab. This is where everyone involved in the project is free to comment and discuss the ins-and-outs of the project.

This is great for Airtable users because it means you have a unified place where all communication can be kept, in date order, right alongside your base.

This is great for productivity, and also for ensuring that all feedback remains in one convenient place.

Organise & manage projects

Airtable is fantastic for managing data but sometimes you need the ability to take things to the next level. You need to assign tasks to people, you need to discuss the project with your team, you need to make notes, take payments and record time as projects progress.

So embed your Airtable base in your project. When you do, your team will have all projects organised, they will be able to access your Airtable data without leaving the project and they will be able to manage all other aspects of the project alongside.

How to use Airtable with

1. Select ‘Embeds’ from your project sidebar

Head to your project in and click the ‘Embeds’ option from the navigation menu.

2. Embed Item > Airtable

Click the ‘Embed Item’ button, hit ‘Type’ and select Airtable from the drop down menu.

3. Copy the URL of your Airtable project

In your Airtable account, navigate to the view you want to embed. Click ‘Share’ and then ‘Create a shareable grid view link’.

4. Paste URL into menu

Give the base a name, and paste the URL into the field as shown. When you’re done, hit ‘OK.’ Your Airtable base is now embedded into your project!

5. Open your base in

Now your work is embedded, anyone who wants to view it can find it in the ‘Embeds’ section. Your whole team can review and feedback.

6. Manage other aspects of your project alongside

Use functionality such as ‘Discussion’ and ‘Tasks’ to communicate and stay organised with everyone on the project.

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