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The Problem

The problem creative teams often have…


Communication is all over the place

Nobody knows exactly what’s been agreed to and when. Clients get frustrated and deadlines are missed.

Missing Documents

Documents go

Files are saved across desktops, emails and file systems, and people often can’t find what they need.


No visibility of your teams schedule

It can be hard to know who’s doing what, and when. Team capacity becomes hard to manage, and morale is low.


Payments are sloooooow

Clients are invoiced – and projects stall. You’re always chasing for money, which affects cashflow.


Wasted time & inefficiencies

People spend time on duplicated work and needless admin instead of adding value to your clients.


Delays & missed deadlines

Your team rushes to complete work, leading to delays, missed deadlines – and unhappiness all round.

The Solution


Woooop!! We have the solution. Cue the trumpets…

Manage all your projects in one place
with the perfect set of tools…

Every project is a set of tools to help you manage work better!

The dashboard is your birds eye view on a project. From here you can see all the vitals such as the project status, the last comment, the next tasks due, the people who are part of the project, payments and time. Click on any section to visit the page.


Every project has a Discussion page which lets you communicate with everyone who’s involved. A dated timeline keeps track of every comment, so you always know who said what, and when. An email notification is sent out each time a new comment is added, so nobody ever misses a message. You can also share files and embed videos to push your collaboration forward.


Tasks are at the heart of a account. Each task can be assigned to a person, with an associated date, making sure the deliverables that make up your project are always actioned at the right time by the right people. A range of different task views – list, calendar, scheduler and kanban – let you manage and review tasks in your own way, so you never miss a beat!

Task List is a client-facing project management software – meaning it’s been specifically built to bring your team together with your clients’ teams. You can invite different companies and people to each project as required. And, once they’re in place, each project becomes a place for your team and your clients’ teams to chat, collaborate and work together!


The Notes section is a simple place to keep track of all important project information. Notes are private – they’re hidden from your clients so they can’t see anything you’ve written. This makes the Notes section a great place to reference the key information that will help your internal team manage each project as effectively as possible.

Notes lets you upload and share files for review with people on your projects. Files can be uploaded to the discussion feed with a message, or associated with a task. This simple feature is designed to make it easy to collaborate and review work within your teams.



Projects Kanban

With, you can quickly request payments from your clients, and give them the power to pay securely, online, by card. This keeps projects moving forward, reducing the need to put projects on hold – and helping you get paid quicker! Payments are requested and made on a per project basis, which keeps everything simple for everyone involved.


Every internal member of your team can record the hours they spend on each project they work on. The time report lets you drill down into where time has been spent per project. This helps you see which clients, projects and people are most (and least) profitable from a time perspective.


Built for working with clients

Built for working with clients

A tool your clients will love to use

Inviting and working with your clients feels like an afterthought in most other project management software. Not us! was built for working with clients. This means your team and your clients team can chat, share files, and get work done, in the same place.

“I love the tool. Is the simplest project management for clients.
It just works. “


Communicate with everyone

No more missed messages

Invite everyone who needs to be part of each project – your team and your clients team. Chat, share files and collaborate to get work done! All communication is stored in the project so anyone can look back on what’s been said – and new people can catch up quickly.

“ is the perfect project management and client communication tool for my small agency!”

Bob G

“The biggest result for us is that our team is actually using it. We’ve used a lot of other tools but with our team is using it and all of it’s capabilities without training.”

Andrew Bittner – Guaranteed Clean Energy

Total visibility of team workload

Hit your deadlines and keep workloads manageable

See what needs to be done and when – across your whole team. When you have visibility of everything, you can make better decisions, your team are happier and clients get your best work. Maximise the productivity of your team and get stuff done!

“Its given us the ability to work across multiple sites which we struggled with before We can see instantly which tasks are outstanding and what needs to be done.”

David Poole – WL Accountants
Think outside of the (in)box
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All files & assets in one place

No more lost files or hard to find documents

Whenever anyone working on a project needs access to a file – they’ll be able to find it, quickly and easily. No scraping around for lost files, no duplicated work – they can get on with doing their best work without any unnecessary delays! 

“Great bit of software. Love the simplicity and usability it provides. I’ve used Basecamp for years but wanted something more sustainable for the future.”

“The organisational structure of our business is far and away improved over me just using an excel spreadsheet that often resulted in me losing work.”
Nathan Fryer – Planworks

Embed your other tools

The power of with the tools you’re already using

Embed documents, videos, spreadsheets, review tools, design boards, presentations, databases and more right inside every project. This means you get the ability to chat, share files and manage tasks right alongside the tools you already know and love.

“The organisational structure of our business is far and away improved over me just using an excel spreadsheet that often resulted in me losing work.”

Nathan Fryer – Planworks

“We built to help us manage our agency clients. It’s been the core reason we’ve become one of the world’s leading animated video agencies!

Matt Byrom – Managing Director – Wyzowl


Market leading


Videos created

Get an inside look at a pro setup!

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“Its given us the ability to work across multiple sites which we struggled with before We can see instantly which tasks are outstanding and what needs to be done.”

David Poole – WL Accountants


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